Our Process

At the Reverse Mortgage Lending Center, our goal is to make the process as streamlined and simple as possible. By following these easy steps, you can receive your money quickly and with minimal effort. Remember, if you’d like help at any point in the process, call us at (561) 289-3800. We’re here to help.


1. Counseling

  • We will send you a list of FHA approved independent financial counselors in your area, as well as several national approved counseling agencies.
  • Schedule a meeting with the counselor of your choice. Your counseling session can either be in person or over the telephone. This counselor will be able to talk to you objectively about reverse mortgages and will make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision

2. Initial Application (No Obligation)

  • Complete the website form on-line or call (561)-289-3800.  We’ll be glad to provide you with a customized quote.
  • Once you receive the application, sign the appropriate documents. Our loan officer will personally provide you with the application in your home if logistically possible.
  • Provide us with a photocopy of your government issued ID(s), including your picture, date of birth and social security number.

3. Appraisal

  • Once we receive your signed application and counseling certificate, we will secure assignment of an FHA case number, and then order an appraisal.  They will contact you to schedule a convenient appointment.
  • They will complete an assessment of your home, including the determination of your home’s value.

4. Closing

  • The settlement agent will contact you to schedule a closing date and time.
  • Sign all required documents at closing.
  • Receive your cash by a predetermined date, after a mandatory three-day rescission period, and make no more mortgage payments ever again. If you have not selected a monthly payment or lump sum payment as part or all of your reverse mortgage, the remaining proceeds will be left for you as a line of credit.

To request a determination if you are eligible or to receive a personalized quote, click here for a Free Evaluation or call The Reverse Mortgage Lending Center (561) 289-3800.